Who We Serve


Losing a spouse can be life shattering. Settling an estate, having final tax returns prepared and filed, managing investment accounts and cash flow can be over-whelming. Ashland Financial Solutions has a long-term record helping widows and widowers put their financial lives back together after this devastating loss.


The transition from recieving a paycheck or running a business to living off ones own investments can be harrowing. Furthermore, every insurance agent and broker seems to want to sell you a high-priced annuity loaded with hidden fees and surrender charges. We work with clients to make this transition intelligently over time, using low-cost no-load investments. We also help wtih the many decisions faced by a retiree. When to retire, how much income to take from a portfolio, how to protect and grow those assets, and what kind of legacy to leave for their heirs. Ashland Financial Solutions partners with clients to take action in a reasonable manner, working to help them clarify their situation, minimize taxes while developing a plan for retirement income. Our retired clients hire us because they want to work with a financial advisor whose interests are aligned with their own and want advice about their finances, including taxes, investment, insurance and estate planning, from one objective and impartial source.


Professionals nearing retirement are many times too busy to do in-depth retirement planning. We work with professionals to make sure all areas of retirement planning are addressed, especially focusing during this phase of their lives on the accumulation of adequate wealth for a comfortable, worry-free retirement. Because we are knowledgeable about taxes, retirement plans, investments, insurance and estate planning, our clients benefit from our holistic guidance in all areas of their financial lives.

Small Business Owners

Small business owners have many balls in the air and face the additional hurdle of managing uncertain and fluctuating cash flows. In addition, many small businesses have the desire but lack the skill and time to find ways to help their employees prepare for retirement successfully. We provide assistance and access to retirement plans that are competitively low-priced with clear costs, that are managed with the best interests of the participant, rather than the provider, in mind.