How We Work With Clients

The Annual Retainer

The Standard Annual Retainer – cost varies based on your unique circumstances, but ranges between $4,000 and $20,000 for the first year of service; second and subsequent year services are discounted.

We work together over the year to develop and implement a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy. The plan evolves over a series of client meetings, and education and client input are emphasized. Fee is determined by a formula that considers assets, income, and complexity of your tax and financial situation.

Advice & Services offered on the following topics:


  • Taxes & Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation (for retainer clients only)
  • Asset Allocation and Specific Investment Selection
  • Estate Planning Review
  • Cash Flow Analsysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Life, Health, Long Term Care & Property/Casualty Insurance Advice (No Sales)
  • General Financial Planning


The Financial Tune-up $950 (a one-time review)

The Financial Tune-up is an intensive financial planning session designed to "rev up" your personal finances. It includes one two-hour meeting and a follow-up phone call if needed within 30 days on the topics discussed during our meeting. The Financial Tune-up is an overview of your financial progress and not a comprehensive financial plan.

You can choose to address one or two of the following topics – depending on time available:

My investments – how are they doing? Are they appropriate? Do I have the right asset allocation?
Are my investments structured according to my goals, risk profile, time horizon, and tax situation?
How can I reduce my investment costs? (Specificity of investment advice is inversely proportionate to the
size of your portfolio.) Am I saving enough to retire? What are the best retirement-savings vehicles for me?
How can we save for our child's education? Should we open a 529 plan? Should funds for college be in our
child's name? How will financial aid be affected? How can I develop a spending plan to help me achieve my
goals? What type of tax strategies are right for me? Can I amend prior tax returns for missed deductions?